Hendrika is our chef and as she says: “I am only good at two things, painting and cooking” that is almost true except for the ONLY.

For all enthusiasts of good food this is the place to be, all our meals are prepared using the finest ingredients.

The presentation, variation, and tastiness have to be experienced to be appreciated.

Furthermore, a minimum of oils and fats are used which makes our food also very healthy.

Whether your eating passions are Meat, Fish, Salads or vegetarian you are in for a treat.

Following are some quotations from comments made on the TripAdvisor website:

  1. “Very friendly and warm. meals and dinners are delicious Hetty. We strongly recommend this paradise.”
  2. “The place is perfect. Everyone seeking quiet will be happy. The food is delicious.”
  3. “There is no menu as such, but when dinner came, was always a surprise moment! Hetty’s delicious cuisine with the freshest ingredients, meant that every night, we both had an empty plate.”
  4. “The food, which is prepared all the time at home, it is varied and delicious. “
  5. “We enjoyed delicious dinners and talks Hetty after dinner!”
  6. “The hotel is beautifully decorated with paintings by Hetty perfectly harmonized, had a wonderful dinner accompanied by fine wines.”
  7. “Very clean and big kitchen where Creates Hetty her delicious dishes as an art work.”
  8. “Delicious meals were served on the terrace where the only sounds were birdsong and cicadas.”

Photos of Hendrika’s food would not do it justice so we leave it with the above words, suffice to say “come and enjoy the experience!”

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