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Willkommen zu Ostern

About 30km north of Málaga (approx. 20-25 minute drive from our hotel) lies the majestic El Torcal de Antequera natural park. There’s only 17 square km of it, and it was under the sea until 100 million years ago – quite recently in geological terms. It’s a special place – a craggy landscape of dramatic limestone formations, and also a good spot to escape the beautiful but crowded towns of Málaga province for some peace.

Entry to the park is free and walkers can explore it by taking one of three routes of varying length and difficulty. The 1.5km green and 3km yellow routes can be done independently by just following the coloured arrows, but the more difficult 4.5km red trail takes about three hours and requires a guide (about €8 per person). Climbing to a height of 1,339 metres, it offers spectacular views.
Standing in this ancient landscape, I felt time had stood still. My moment of solitude came with a gentle musical soundtrack: as the sun dipped in the sky, casting a golden light across the rocky shapes, the sound of bells from a herd of sheep grazing in the hills was carried to me on the breeze.

El Camino Mozárabe de Malaga

The Camino de Mozárabe is a stunning walk across the Andalusian countryside between Malaga and Cordoba, featuring some of the best views around. This lesser known route departs from the coastal city of Malaga and continues north to the historical city of Córdoba.
The route, named “Mozárabe” after the Christians who lived within the old Islamic kingdom of Al-Andalus, follows the paths of the old civilisation. On the route you can see incredible scenery, hilltop towns, olive groves and wine regions over a 10 day period.
The walk is offered by Toma and Coe, and the route features two nights in our Cortijo Puerto el Peral.

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El Caminito Del Rey

The Caminito del Rey is one of the most iconic walks in Andalusia. It follows a route along the Gorge Desfiladero de los Gaitanes within the mountains behind Malaga. After several years of repairs and renovations, the walking route was reopened to the public in 2015 and is now one of the most popular attractions in the area, most known for its natural beauty.
The route is 7.7 km long, divided into 4.8 km long access ways and 2.9 km long boardwalks and takes approximately three to four hours depending on walking speed. The route is open Tuesday- Sunday every week (excluding holidays) and pre-booking is advised due to its popularity.
The Camininto del Rey is located less than an hour away from Puerto El Peral and is well worth a visit.

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