Puerto El Peral

Walking in Andalucia

Walking, we all do it and most of us are capable of walking, but actually there is very little appreciation of what its value is to us for our physical and mental wellbeing. We take it for granted until, for whatever reason, be it age or an accident, we cannot walk anymore then all of a sudden we realise how much we miss not being able to walk.

Along with swimming, walking is the least stressful for our body, but the problem is that you must walk at least 3 or 4 kilometres per day to achieve a minimum of benefit. Also most people find walking boring, whether it is in the town, suburbia or the countryside. This is because we need to learn again the art of observation and appreciation of what is happening around us at an immediate level.

Television and the computer age has had the effect of us leading a far more sedentary lifestyle, with all the problems of overweight and ill health that such a lifestyle brings with it. We are used to being entertained and have lost the ability to see anything if it is not put in presented to us in way which costs us little or no physical or mental effort.

What can we introduce into walking that can get us again interested in doing enough to have a beneficial effect? The secret is AGAIN learning the art of observation and this can bear fruit no matter where you are walking.

In towns you have enough stimuli, there is nothing as fascinating as making instant studies of people as you walk along, why do you think that is so enjoyable just sitting on a terrace? It is the observation of people and this you can do equally well when you are walking and you can also study your immediate environment. How many people even know intimately the street that they live in, question yourself about your immediate surroundings you may be surprised at how little you really know?

Walking in the Countryside of Spain

In the countryside we need to learn again the art of enjoying nature and walking is really the only way to achieve this, and when you are aware of everything that is happening around you the kilometres just melt away. The study of the birds and the bees all of a sudden has a completely new meaning; it is not only about sex but actually involves just what the birds and bees are getting up to and how many species that there are around us. Just try walking in the countryside, but first buy your self a couple of books about flora and fauna, don’t try to identify too much in the beginning but just select a few common species. Once you start you will be surprised at how fascinating life around us can be.

Once you have awakened an interest in your surrounding you will be surprised at what a fantastic world we live in and there is more to life than being a couch potato.

Carry this through when you take your holidays and as many people choose Andalucia, Southern Spain, as their holiday destination, take the opportunity to discover the countryside of Andalucia. At any time of year there is enough to feast your eyes upon whether it be in towns or in the countryside.

And what is the best way to experience it all? By walking of course and by now there should be no doubt about it.

Holiday Walking Andalusia

Where in Andalucia can you experience everything it has to offer, well, the hotel Cortijo Puerto El Peral, is only a 45 minutes from Malaga Airport, is in the middle of some of the most spectacular countryside that Andalucia has to offer and is within an easy drive of some of its most beautiful cities, Granada & Cordoba, just to mention two of them. There are walks directly from the hotel which take into consideration any ability.

So what are you waiting for? Start walking today and begin to learn again the art of observation!!!